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About Steve

I was born in the 'city' of Nuku'Alofa, on the main island of Tongatapu, in the island kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific in 1967.  I grew up until nearly age 16 in Oroville, California.  I was raised with an athletic outdoors lifestyle in the foothills of North/Central California riding bikes and motorcycles a lot, sometimes even horses, with lots of running around, swimming, and  climbing trees, etc.  From sixth grade on I was involved in sports, especially football and basketball,  both of which I played on through high school.  I moved from the foothills to the metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area in 1983.  I graduated for Palo Alto High School in 1985 with a 3.66 GPA,  I was co-captain of the football team my senior year and was awarded the Silver Seal Award for outstanding student leadership.    I worked as a salmon fisherman in Alaska for the summer after I graduated.   Then I lived and worked in the Bay Area in California and traveled to South America to work with missionary friends.  Then I moved to Tucson, Arizona to start college.  I made the University of Arizona Wildcat football team as a walk-on and played for two years, 87-88, until I suffered debilitating shoulder problems and had four shoulder surgeries.  At that point I was planning to becoming a chiropractor so I had chosen Exercise Physiology as a major in school.  My injuries were such that the U of A Athletic Training Staff and physical therapists couldn't seem to help me so I took on my rehabilitation process on my own.  In addition to my regular studies in school I added  a lot of independent study and a lot of trial and error experimentation with my body to find out how to get whole and strong again.  God gave me faith and dive to be whole again so despite being told by my surgeon that I would never be the same again, I succeed in rehabilitating myself completely. After a couple of years I had learned a great deal and developed an excellent bag of tricks and coaching points.  I took a job with the University of Arizona Campus Recreation Department in the Student Recreation Center weight room and began to work with training clients one on one.  I soon developed a niche there in handling the rehabilitation oriented clients and enjoyed much very fulfilling success with them.  I also worked with the University Athletic Department's Strength and Conditioning Staff as a volunteer student assistant and learned lot more about sport - specific training with top notch Division -1 college athletes.  During this time I also worked with private clients with whom I would  incorporate massage and basic nutritional counseling with their training, giving them a more integrative support package. I took some time off school and then came back and finessed my B.S. in Exercise Physiology  and graduated from the U of  A in Dec. 1997.  I was always interested in the spiritual aspect of health and my ability to help in that way began to improve dramatically in 1997 when my own personal connection to the Creator took on a whole new level of centrality in my life.  I am a bible-believing follower of Jesus and believe in prayer and supernatural healing in addition to a well-balanced natural approach to our health and fitness needs.  I am not the over-the-top fitness nut I was 20 years ago but I believe I actually have more to offer my clients now than I did then.  I want to see people  get whole and healed inside and out and grow in who God created them to be as his childen.